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Q - What services do we offer?

A - We offer a sneaker consignment service in order to provide a market place for you to buy and sell your iconic, retro and classic sneakers.  We also source sneakers on demand.

Q - What Products can we source?

A - We can source limited edition sneakers that were not released into the Australian market.

Q - What is the Sizing Guide?

A - Our sizing guide helps you convert shoe sizes from around the world. It's helpful for customers who's home shoe size is not U.S. shoe sizes.  It is also helpful to convert men's shoe sizes into women's shoe sizes.

Q - Where do you deliver to?

A - We deliver Australia wide through Australia Post. 

Q - What are your shipping fees?

A - We provide free shipping within Australia for sneakers purchased through the "Shop Sneakers" page of the website.  We do however charge a flat shipping fee of $45 for sneakers that are sourced from overseas via Sneaker Joint's on demand service.