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About us

Who are we? We are the Sneaker Joint. Our passion for sneakers was born in the 1980’s and 90’s, growing up during those classic sneaker wars, when shoes were outrageous and it was all about who had the best systems. Think Nike Air, Jordan’s, Reebok Pump, ERS and Hexalite, ASICS Gel, Adidas Torsion, Saucony Grids and Puma Discs.

It’s from this schoolboy passion that we aim to bring you sneakers from those era’s, sneakers that are now iconic, that were special. So what services do we offer? We are a market place where we provide a platform for you to sell or buy your next pair of kicks. To avoid any confusion, the condition of our sneakers are either “Dead Stock”* or “Used”**

We also provide an on-demand service for a small fee where we will try and source what you can’t find. This may be sneakers that have not been released in Australia or that you don’t have time to search for yourself.

If you’re looking to buy or sell your sneakers, get in touch.

We are here because you love sneakers. We are Sneaker Joint.

*Dead Stock – A shoe that is brand new, never been worn and in its original box with all original tags. Shoes are factory laced.

**Used – A shoe that has been worn, doesn’t come with its original box or all the original tags, or is not factory laced.